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Paper Cube font

ENGLISH: Contour 3D type face generated with planes of paper. Paper Cube. Download here. Design of the font and the poster: Gilberto Moya Making of the poster: Gilberto Moya, Nikos Providakis y Marta Sieczkowska. Photography: Adrián Martínez. ______________________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL: Tipo de letra de contorno en 3D generada con planos de papel. Paper Cube. Descárgala aquí. [...]

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Chip Tunes font

ENGLISH: Chip Tunes is a font based on chip tunes or 8bit style of music. You can download it here. Big pixels under the perspective rules. ______________________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL: Chip Tunes es un tipo de letra basado en el tipo de música 8bit o chip tunes. Puedes descargarla aquí. Grandes píxeles bajo las normas de la [...]

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Indietronica font

ENGLISH: This is Indietronica, my first handwritten font. You can download it here. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did when I was creating it. ______________________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL: Esta es Indietronica. Puedes descargarla aquí. Espero que disfrutes tanto usándola como yo lo hice mientras la creaba.

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Minimal X font

ENGLISH: Mimimal X is a squared based typeface designed for lettering in posters, album covers, flyers, etc… It is a Donationware font, so you can download it for free here. LATIN 1-10 *Western *Central Europe *Tu, Malt, Gal, Esp *Baltic *Turkish *Scandinavian *Celtic *Romanian ______________________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL: Mimimal X es una tipografía basada en la forma [...]

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Graphic Design at DO2 Magazine

ENGLISH: Some of the works that I’ve made for DO2 magazine. You can see more in my CV at DO2 magazine. 2009-2011. ______________________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL: Algunos de los trabajos que realicé para la revista DO2. Puedes ver mas en mi Currículum Vítae en la revista DO2. 2009-2011.

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Rincones tipográficos

ENGLISH: Experimenting with typography on different planes surfaces to generate optical illusions. Personal Project. Nikos Providakis & Gilberto Moya. 2011. ______________________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL: Experimentación con tipografía sobre distintos planos para generar ilusiones ópticas. Proyecto Personal. Nikos Providakis y Gilberto Moya. 2011.

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True Lies

ENGLISH: Set of posters of typographic illustration.Personal project. 2011. ______________________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL: Serie de pósters de ilustración tipográfica.Proyecto personal. 2011.

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Espacio Juegos Video Header

ESPACIO JUEGOS from Pisto Casero on Vimeo. ENGLISH: This is my firts animation using After Effects. It wouldn’t be possible without the awesome font Tetricide by Brian Kent and the beautiful song Lovve by Simon Symeonidis. 2011. ______________________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL: Esta es mi primera animación en After Effects. No habría sido posible sin la impresionante fuente [...]

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Chip Tunes font published in Bonart magazine

ENGLISH: The catalan magazine Bonart has chosen for its logo on the cover and the headings of its contents on its publication number 142 (August 2011) the font Chip Tunes, one of the 5 fonts designed as a final major project by the Fine Arts student from the Campus of Cuenca of the University of [...]

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Estatuto del Estudiante Universitario UCLM

ENGLISH: Statute of the College Student. Designed by Gilberto Moya in collaboration with CIDI of UCLM (University of Castilla-La Mancha). Using I am online with you font on the typographic illustration. 2011. ______________________________________________________________________ ESPAÑOL: Estatuto del Estudiante Universitario. Diseño de Gilberto Moya en colaboración con el CIDI de la UCLM (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha). Utilizando [...]

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